WPAOG Report of Gifts 2021

LIFETIME GIVING Cullum Society: Planned Giving Members of the Cullum Society have designated West Point as a beneficiary in their long-term gift planning. These graduates, families, widows/ers and friends are leaving behind a legacy to serveWest Point and cadets in the future. Platinum$25,000,000 or more Michael and LindaMewhinney ’66 Gold $10,000,000 to $24,999,999 Lee and Penny Anderson ’61 Mr. andMrs. Rick A.Wilber ’69 Fred andMarleneMalek ’59 5-Star $1,000,000 to $9,999,999 Dr. Martin L. Abbott ’90 Zella Smith Anderson, J.D. Dr. David C. Bangert PhD ’65 Mr. Cyrus P. Barger ’50 Mr. Edward G. Beddow ’70 Robert and JoanBeveridge ’53 Frank and Susan Borman ’50 (P) Dr. James C. and Dorothy P. Castle ’58 Mr. andMrs. Michael C. Centers ’82 JerryW. Chernik DMD Mr. Charles B. Chitty Anthony and Calla Clay ’65 MAJ Charles H. Cook (former ’80) Mr. ByronW. Cooper ’86 (P) COL (R) Richard L. Curl ’56 (P) Bill andMary Deatherage ’73 Maj Gen (R) andMrs. RexfordH. Dettre Jr. USAF JAN ’43 COL (R) andMrs. John G. Driskill ’52 Robert E. Eisiminger ’88 Ms. Charlotte E. Fergusson (W’36) Jimand Linda Fero ’60 Katie Broberg Foehl and Edward A. Foehl ’65 Mr. andMrs. Michael Franzino ’71 MarkW. Hebrank ’76 James and Christine Heldman ’62 Mr. H. HughHickok Mr. DennisW. Hitzeman ’69 Mark B. Hoffman ’69 and Alexsis de Raadt-St James Dr. andMrs. Terence C. Holland ’68 Mr. CalvinM. Holman ’79 Allen L. Jennings ’54 and Judith Liersch Jennings Mr. Lyle J. Kellman ’82 E. Douglas and Jean C. Kenna ’45 H. Frederick Koehler ’57 LTC (R) Johann R.W. Kohler ’62 Mr. andMrs. Franklin P. Lambert ’64 Honorable Samuel K. Lessey Jr. ’45 Mr.WilliamA. Lewis MG (R) Bernard Loeffke ’57 Ms. AnnMarlowe COL (R)WilliamMastoris Jr. ’50 Mr. andMrs. Toney A. Mathews ’68 Secretary andMrs. Robert A. McDonald ’75 Mr. Dan L. McGurk ’49 Mr. James R. Melanson ’84 WilliamD. and JanMounger ’48 Ron and Suzanne Naples ’67 MG (R) Douglas J. and Jeanne O’Connor ’54 Mr. BruceW. Ollstein ’86 LTC (R) JamesW. O’Toole ’69 and Mrs. Gail P. O’Toole ’82 Mr. andMrs. Steven Perryman ’64 Col (R) Nicholas E. Powel USAF ’32, inmemory of hismother Lelie Dent Powel Mr. andMrs. Herbert Roth Jr. ’51 Carlton G. SavoryMD ’67 Richard andMarcia Scheiner Mr. andMrs. Hugh A. Shaffer ’68 COL James R. Slay USAF, Retired ’50 Roland and Lynne Smith ’78 (P) COL (R) JohnH. Stokes III ’57 and Ms. Mary Beth Ziegler-Stokes COL (R) andMrs.WarrenR. Stumpe ’45 Bruce and Gabriella Thorn ’89 LTG (R) andMrs. Richard G. Trefry ’50 Mr. AbsalomT.Webber Jr. ’51 Mr. andMrs. Robert A.Whitfield ’48 (P) LTC (R) CharlesW. Zipp ’53 andMrs. Margaret Ann Zipp Anonymous $25,000 to $999,999 Dr. andMrs. DavidM. Abshire ’51 Mr. andMrs. Jesse B. Adams ’73 Mr. Keith E. Adams ’62 Mr. Peter L. Adams Mrs. Joyce Alban (W ’60) James and Patricia Albo ’71 Mr. Douglas S. Alexander ’57 Mr. andMrs. Michael E. Alverson ’67 LTC (R) andMrs.WilliamS. Anders USAR ’77 (P) Mr. andMrs. Darcy G. Anderson ’78 (P) Mr. Joseph B. Anderson Jr. ’65 LTC (R) andMrs.WilliamF. Anderson ’81 LTC (R) John P. Angstadt ’53 Lt Col (R) Luther E. Armstrong Jr. USAF ’44 LTC (R) RichardB. Armstrong ’45 LTC (R) andMrs. Rolfe G. Arnhym ’53 COL (R) andMrs. Archibald V. Arnold Jr. ’45 (P) LTC (R) andMrs. RobertW. Arnold ’57 Mr. Joel D. Aron ’48 LTC (R) andMrs. Shirley S. Ashton Jr. ’46 Eugene D. Atkinson ’66 LTC (R) Valarie R. Austin ’87 Mr. Edward R. Ayre 1LT (R) Leslie E. Babcock Jr. ’44 Lt Col (R) andMrs.Willet J. Baird Jr. USAF ’51 Mr. Charles T. Baker ’49 Mr. andMrs.WilliamT. Barnett ’51 TomBarron ’65 Tosh Barron MG (R) J. E. Bastion Jr. ’33 COL Philip F. Battaglia ’83 and COL Diane H. Battaglia USAR ’83 Mr.Walter D. Bauchman ’46 Mr. andMrs. J. Gregory Bauleke (P) Mr. Michael B. Baumann ’97 Mr. andMrs. Gene E. Baxter ’62 COL (R) Dwight E. Beach Jr. USAR ’59 (P) ThomasW. Beasley ’66 Bob and June Beck John and Peggy Beier ’39 Dr. Arleigh T. Bell Jr. ’59 BG (R) Randall andMaryanne Bell ’59 MG (R) Raymond E. Bell ’27 (P) Mr. Charles J. Benardo ’70 Bill and Barbara Benedict ’71 (P) Douglas P. Bennett ’64 COL (R) andMrs.WilliamJ. Bennett ’40 LTC (R) andMrs. JackM. Beringer ’54 Mr. Albert L. Bethel ’44 Harry Bettis ’48 LTG (R) AustinW. Betts 1934 (P) LTC (R) andMrs. T. James Blake ’69 Col (R) Harry F. Boone USAF ’42 MG (R) GuyM. Bourn ’74 Jack and Annis Bowen ’45 Mr. andMrs. Bradley J. Bower ’82 Mr. andMrs. Martin L. Bowling Jr. ’68 GEN (R)Mark E. Bradley USAF ’30 Mrs. Robert A. Breitweiser (W ’38) Dr. andMrs. Michael W. Brennan ’66 Benjamin F. Breslauer ’54 Mr. James Q. Brett ’30 Heber C. and Shirley S. Brill JUN ’43 COL (R) Albert S. Britt III ’57 Col (R) andMrs. Charles U. BrombachUSAF ’39 BG (R) andMrs. Gerald C. Brown ’64 Dr. Robert G. Brown ’73 Mr.WilliamA. Brunelly COL (R) JohnM. Bryant Jr. ’70 and LTC (R) Linda S. Bryant MG (R) JohnH. andMrs. Jeannie Buckner JAN ’43 Mr. andMrs. Anthony L. Bullotta ’57 Herman and Iris Bulls ’78 (P) COL (R) George B. Calhoun ’54 Lt Col (R)WilliamS. Callaghan Jr. USAF ’59 COL Robert C. CameronUSA, Retired ’40 Bill and Starr Campbell ’70 COL (R) andMrs. Timothy S. Carlin ’82 Bob Carpenter ’67 COL (R) andMrs. JamesM. Carson Jr. ’64 COL (R) andMrs. Stanley D. Cass ’57 Mr. andMrs.WilliamP. Cater ’70 LTC (R) andMrs. Gary A. Cecchine ’64 LTC (R) Alan A. Chapman ’63 Mr. Phillip E. Chappell ’60 Mr. andMrs. Brent A. Crabtree ’91 MG (R) andMrs. Albert B. Crawford Jr. ’50 Ms. Joan T. Chesarek Greene (W ’38) Mr. andMrs. Ralph J. Chesnauskas ’56 Lt Col (R) JohnB. Chickering PhDUSAF ’45 Dick Chilcoat ’64 Mr. andMrs. John Cicerelle Jr. ’77 (P) COL (R) Robert H. Clagett Jr. ’42 COL (R) Daniel D. Clark ’62 andMrs. Janet Long LTC (R) Raymond L. Clark ’45 BG (R) andMrs. CarterW. Clarke Jr. ’48 Mrs. Joseph T. Clement (W ’52) Mrs. HarringtonW. Cochran (W’41) Mr. andMrs. ClintonH. Coddington Esq. ’61 COL (R) andMrs. HowardB. Coffman Jr. JUN ’43 LTC (R) Frank P. Colpini ’54 Brian and Grace Concannon ’79 Mr. andMrs. John R. Conklin ’56 Mr. andMrs. Philip G. Connolly ’82 COL Julius R. Conti Jr. USAF, Retired ’51 Lt Col (R) Peyton E. Cook USAF ’51 Mr.WilliamL. Cook II ’48 Normand Linda Cooney ’66 Miss H. Louise Cowgill JohnM. Cragin ’50 Mr. andMrs. MalcolmE. Craig ’52 COL (R) James L. Creighton Jr. ’82 COL (R) Robert E. Cron ’30 andMrs. ElnoraH. Cron COL (R) Ernest E. Cross ’56 LTC (R) RalphH. Cruikshank Jr. ’66 Mr. andMrs. RonaldD. Cullen JUN ’43 Mr. IanG. Cunningham ’81 Maj (R) andMrs. James L. Dade USAF ’53 Maj Gen (R) andMrs. Thomas C. DarcyUSAF ’32 LTG (R) andMrs. John J. Davis ’31 COL (R)WilliamD. Davis ’50 Mr. andMrs.WilliamM. Davis ’74 GEN (R) andMrs. Michael S. Davison ’39 (P) GEN (R) andMrs. JohnR. Deane Jr. ’42 LTG (R) andMrs. Joseph E. DeFrancisco ’65 (P) COL (R) andMrs.WilliamB. DeGraf ’50 Mrs. Dori DeJong (W ’91) Mr. Anthony J. Delano ’51 Mr. Dan L. Denison ’62 Daniel W. Derbes ’52 GEN (R) andMrs. Jacob L. Devers 1909 COL (R) Francis T. Devlin ’40 Mr. Timothy B. Dewald Gabe andDot Disosway ’33 MAJ (R) andMrs. David L. Diedrich ’76 Mr. Douglas C. Doan ’79 Mr. andMrs. John F. Donahue ’46 Mr. John C. Doody Mr. andMrs. Dean E. Dorman ’86 COL (R) andMrs. Albert F. Dorris ’59 Mrs. Charles S. D’Orsa (W’32) Dr. Robert H. Downey Jr. (former ’54) COL (R) andMrs.Walter A. Downing Jr. ’33 COL (R) andMrs. Robert E. Drake ’44 Stephen and Lucy Draper ’64 BG (R) JohnH. Dudley ’30 BG (R) Albert J. DyeWVANG ’56 Tomand Paige Dyer ’67 COL (R) StanleyW. Dziuban ’39 John and Pat Eberhard ’59 Sewell andMary Elliott ’46 Mr. Robert J. Ellis ’54 LTGWilliamJ. Ely ’33 COL (R) andMrs. Curtis V. Esposito ’63 Charles and Betty Ewing ’51 Mrs. Elaine Fabick Mr. andMrs. Alfred E. Fagg ’49 Tomand Gloria Faulds ’64 Mrs. John A. Fera (W ’56) Ms. Charlotte Ferguson (W ’50) Dr. andMrs. Arnold A. Ferrando ’78 Mr. andMrs. Robert D. Fierro ’74 Tomand Susan Fife ’50 BG (R) LukeW. Finlay ’28 LTC (R) andMrs. Thomas C. Fiser ’75 Dr. John B. Fishback ’70 Mr. andMrs. Michael T. Fisher ’90 Col (R) andMrs. Sydney G. Fisher USAF ’40 Mr. andMrs. Douglas C. Fitzgerald ’69 Mr. andMrs. JohnM. Fitzpatrick ’45 COL (R) ShawnW. Flora, ARNG ’82 LTG (R) Eugene P. Forrester ’48 Thomas A. (Tony) Forster ’58 LTC (R) Lawrence J. Fox Jr. ’45 COL (R) andMrs. Philip J. Frank AUS ’46 Joseph and Constance Franklin ’55 BG (R) Harvey R. Fraser ’39 (P) Mr. andMrs. Christopher R. Frawley ’84 Mr. andMrs. John A. Fray Jr. ’50 Mrs. EdwinD. Frazer (W’46) Dr. DeBowFreed ’46 Charles Nelson and Emagean French ’48 Norman E. Fretwell ’66 Col (R) andMrs. Charles L. Gandy Jr. USAF ’45 (P) Maj Gen (R) E. B. GarlandUSAF ’27 Dr. andMrs. Jeffrey R. Gillig ’75 Mr. ChanningW. Gilson ’44 MG (R) andMrs. Charles H. Gingles MAJ (R) andMrs. FrederickW. Glauner ’53 Mr. Charles C. Gleichenhaus ’74 Jodie and Sandy Glore ’69 Mr. andMrs. Joseph L. Goddu Jr. ’96 Mr. Albert H. Goering ’49 LTC (R) andMrs. Harry C. Goodson III ’57 BG (R) Samuel M. Goodwin ’40 Mrs. LawrenceN. Gordon (W’46) GEN (R) andMrs. Paul F. Gorman Jr. ’50 Mr. Richard E. Graf ’71 Mr. Gregg A. Grant (P) COL (R) andMrs. GilfordD. Green ’40 Mr. andMrs.WilliamC. Groman ’67 Mr. andMrs. Paul J. Groce III ’86 (P) Mr. George H. Groves ’66 GEN (R) Ralph E. Haines Jr. ’35 (P) Mr. andMrs. John C. Hall ’53 Mr. andMrs. Max N. Hall ’78 Mr. RalphM. Hamaker Jack and Gloria Hammack ’49 Tomand Char Hand ’82 MAJ (R) Jay B. Haney USAR ’69 COL (R) DaleW. HansenUSAR ’68 Mrs. Donald L. Hardy (W’32) 20 West Point Association of Graduates | 2021 Report of Gifts