WPAOG Report of Gifts 2021

$25,000 or more Mr. EdwardR. Ayre Mr. andMrs. Bradley J. Bower ’82 COL (R) Samuel R. Martin ’46 MG (R) andMrs. JamesW. Ray ’57 LTC (R) Fredrick B. Seeger ’77 COL (R) andMrs. James H. Tormey ’50 COL (R) andMrs.WilliamC. Trefz ’45 $10,000 to $24,999 Mrs. EdwinD. Frazer (W’46) Mr. Vincent J. Stanley Jr. Bill and Paula Trivette ’70 (P) Mr. andMrs. Jeffrey N. Anderson ’89 Ms. Jill E. Schurtz ’86 andMs. Beth E. Ford $5,000 to $9,999 LTC (R) Ronald S. Gooding ’57 Mr. JohnR. Grace ’46 Mr. andMrs. Charles B. Johnson Caren and Thomas Kilgore ’80 Mr. andMrs. Robert E. King Sr. Mr. andMrs. Roger R. Kolker ’54 Mr. LeighOliva Mr. Matthew J. Passante ’95 Lt Gen (R) andMrs. Robert E. Pursley USAF ’49 Dr. andMrs.WilliamL.Wilby ’67 $1,000 to $4,999 LTC (R) Ludvig J. Aamodt ’59 Mr. James E. Altmeyer ’61 Mr. andMrs. Darcy G. Anderson ’78 (P) Mr. Joel D. Aron ’48 MAJ (R) Peter J. Ash ’80 Mr. andMrs. Robert J. Axley ’65 Honorable andMrs. Thomas E. Ayres ’84 (P) Mr. andMrs. David P. Balcom ’01 Mr. andMrs. SteveM. Balentine ’86 Mr. andMrs.WilliamT. Barnett ’51 BG Chris and Lory Barra USAR ’89 TomBarron ’65 Mr. andMrs. RobertM. Barry ’59 Mr. andMrs. Jon S. Berberian COL (R) andMrs. Ronald L. Bertha ’77 (P) Mrs. RobertaW. Betts (W ’34) LTC (R) andMrs. T. James Blake ’69 Mr. andMrs. Gregory F. Boron ’74 COL John R. Boule II ’86 (P) Mr.WilliamC. Boyce Lawrence and Shannon Bradley ’87 (P) Ms. Tressa P. Breslin COL (R) John F. Brewer ’52 (P) Mr. andMrs. Robert N. Brost COL (R) andMrs. Keirn C. Brown Jr. ’69 COL (R) andMrs. Todd A. Browne ’85 John ’90 and Kristin Bruellman Herman and Iris Bulls ’78 (P) COL (R) andMrs. Ralph R. Burr Jr. ’62 Mr. SeanD. Byrnes ’99 Mr. David J. andMrs. Gail H. Capp ’79 COL (R) andMrs. BruceM. Carswell ’49 MAJ (R)WilliamM. Casey ’69 Mrs. Christine C. Chapman (W ’54) LTG (R) Daniel W. and Susan B. Christman ’65 COL (R) andMrs. Roger F. Conover ’48 Mr. Edwin A. Cook ’93 Mr. andMrs. Charles C. Correll Jr. ’89 Mrs. AliceM. Craig (W ’52) Mrs. Marilyn Craigie (W ’51) COL (R) Gerald E. Crawford ’68 COL (R) Richard L. Curl ’56 (P) Mr. andMrs. Robert J. Curran ’72 (P) Ms. Daphne D. Curtin ’98 COL (R) JohnM. Daley ’58 COL (R)WilliamB. DeGraf ’50 Mr. andMrs. Jack De Leon Jr. ’79 Mr. Paul J. Diorio ’79 andMs. Hong Pan LTC (R) Deirdre P. Dixon ’84 andMr. Paul A. Dixon (P) Ross and Chris Docksey ’73 Mr. andMrs. Dirk L. Dodson (P) Mrs. Evelyn J. Dorsey (W ’60) Mr. JohnM. Duhamel ’88 COL (R) andMrs. Harry V. Dutchyshyn ’52 (P) CPT (R) Edward J. Dyke III ’89 Dr. andMrs. Michael E. Edleson ’79 Robert E. Eisiminger ’88 LTC (R) andMrs. Thomas I. Eisiminger Jr. ’84 (P) Bruce and Patricia Elmblad ’51 Bill Entringer Mr. andMrs. Chester N. Ernst ’70 LTC (R) John F. Feeley Jr. ’73 Mrs. Charles L. Fisher Jr. (W ’62) LTC (R) Frederic J. Fogh ’56 LTC (R) andMrs.WilliamF. Freccia ’67 LTC (R) David E. Freshwater ’79 COL (R) andMrs. HowardM. Gabbert II ’54 Mr. Mark J. Gerencser Mr. andMrs. Christian S. Gerig ’89 LTC (R) andMrs. Mark R. Girolamo USAR ’75 Jodie and Sandy Glore ’69 Ms. Melanie R. Goering Mr. andMrs. Michael W. Goodwin ’82 Mr. andMrs. David T. Gorczynski ’83 COL (R) Daniel G. Grey ’80 and CPT (R) Joan S. Grey ’80 Ms. Barbara L. Grofic ’82 Mr. andMrs. LelandW. Hall ’72 Mr. andMrs. Russell P. Hall III (P) COL (R) andMrs. DaleW. Hansen ’68 Mr. andMrs. Rush F. Harding III (former ’76) LTC (R) andMrs. James S. Harrington ’62 BG (R) andMrs. Clarence B. HartmanNYG ’64 Mr. andMrs. RobertW. Hasbrouck Jr. ’55 LTC (R) andMrs. Jay A. Hatch Jr. ’78 Mrs. HelenHeimerl (W ’45) Mr. andMrs. Timothy J. Hein ’86 Mr. andMrs. Robert R. Heinen ’70 Mr. andMrs. Philip E. Helbling ’85 (P) COL (R) andMrs. James A. Helis ’79 (P) Mrs. Erin andMr. EdwardHennessey COL (R) andMrs. Thomas A. Herre ’62 COL (R) andMrs. JohnD. Herren ’58 Mr. David C. Hess (P) Mr. Julio E. Heurtematte Jr. ’57 Ken and Lucy Hicks ’74 COL (R) andMrs. JBHoleman ’64 Jr. (P) BG (R) JohnD. Howard ’64 and COL (R)Mary BrookeMyers ’83 LisaM. Benitez ’88 and Gus Huerter ’90 (P) Mr. andMrs. John S. Hurley ’59 Ms. Mary Husen LTC (R) Karl H. Jacobs ’67 COL (R) George G. Jacunski ’64 Mr. JasonM. Jenkins ’92 Dr. andMrs. Thomas K. Jewell ’68 Mr. andMrs. LloydH. Johnson Lynn and Charleen Johnson (P) Mr. andMrs. Brian T. Jones ’07 COL (R) Raymond D. Jones ’83 and Ms. Nancy E. Huth-Jones LTG (R) andMrs. Larry R. Jordan ’68 GEN (R) andMrs. George A. Joulwan ’61 Mr. andMrs. Hahn S. Kang ’84 Mr. andMrs. Mark E. Kannenberg ’69 Mr. andMrs. Lyle J. Kellman ’82 LTC Peter G. Kilner ’90 and Mrs. Catherine C. Kilner ’90 (P) Ms. Mary B. Kinder ’86 Mr. Mark C. Kirby ’90 Mr. andMrs. Mark J. Klaiber ’77 Mr. Donald F. Kopinski Jr. ’79 andMs. Kimberly Howard Mr. andMrs. Carl Kreitler Mrs. Elizabeth J. Kren (W ’46) Mr. andMrs. DeanM. Kunihiro ’67 LTC (R)Margaret C. Laneri USAR ’83 Honorable Samuel K. Lessey Jr. ’45 LTG (R) andMrs. James J. Lovelace Jr. ’70 (P) Mr. Thomas P. Maginnis ’60 LTC (R) andMrs. Robert L. Mangels ARNG ’53 Mr. andMrs. AndrewP. Mapes ’89 Mr. andMrs. DavidW. Martin ’88 Mrs.Williams S. Martin (W ’60) COL (R) JackW. Martin ’51 Mr. andMrs. RobertMax Mr. Joseph J. McCann Jr. ’61 BobMcClure ’76 COL (R) andMrs. Lester F. McConville ’73 Mr. VincentMcDermott ’85 and Mrs. KimMcDermott ’87 (P) Mr. Randall F. McElroy Jr. ’81 COL (R) andMrs. James F. McKay Jr. ’62 Mr. andMrs. Donald J. McLane ’68 COL (R) andMrs. Arthur C. Meier II ’63 Mrs. Nancy L. Mendell (W ’55) Robert and RoseMiller ’73 (P) Mr. Robert F. Mizell Mr. JosephMoglia COL (R) andMrs. Richard R. Moorman ’34 COL (R) andMrs. Craig D. Morrow ’91 Mr. Randy R. Mounts ’04 andMrs. Nicole A. Mounts ’06 Mr. andMrs. Victor A. Mroczkowski ’97 Mr. andMrs. Gerard P. Mullane ’80 Ron and Suzanne Naples ’67 Mr. andMrs. Timothy P. Nishimura (P) Dr. andMrs. Robert J. Oglesby ’84 Mr. andMrs. Joel Oguete ’84 LTC (R) andMrs. AlanD. Olson ’67 (P) Mr. andMrs. JosephH. Orr III (P) COL (R) andMrs. Randall M. Pais ’67 (P) Mr. andMrs. Eric S. Paternoster ’74 LTG (R) James B. PeakeMD ’66 COL (R) andMrs. Jeffrey D. Peterson ’87 Mr. andMrs. Raymond G. Pollard III ’65 (P) COL (R) Jon E. Porter ’56 Mr. andMrs. Christopher S. Prentice ’92 Mr. Leo Priola Mr. Christopher P. Rajk ’73 Mrs. JuneW. Rees (W ’50) John and Patricia Robb ’91 LTC (R)WilliamA. Robinson ’63 Mr. andMrs. Angel L. Robles (P) Mr. andMrs. David E. Rogers ’74 Mr.WilliamD. Rogers ’82 A.J. and Giselle Rooney ’08 Mr. andMrs. Robert J. Rose (P) LTC (R) andMrs. Dennis L. Rosenberry ’68 Mr. andMrs. AndrewG. Russell ’91 Dr. andMrs. Stephen K. Rymer (P) LTC Robertrel A. Sachi ’02 Alan and Florence Salisbury ’58 LTC (R) andMrs. James J. Satterwhite ’59 Mrs. Ethel M. Scarlett (P) LTC (R) andMrs. AndrewG. Schnabel ’71 Mrs. Robert A. Schow Jr. (W ’59) Mr. andMrs. Eric K. Schuster ’88 Mr. Brian Sears LTC (R) Edwin andMrs. Renee Selman ’83 Mr. BradleyW. Shike ’79 andMrs. Paula Fricchione Mr. andMrs. Stanley J. Shipley ’73 COL (R) andMrs. David J. Sholly ’62 Mr. Michael J. Silvestro Esq. ’98 LTC (R) Ronald A. Skarupa ’62 Mr. andMrs. Brett G. Smith ’94 (P) Mr. andMrs. Larry D. Smith ’62 Greg and Colette Smith ’69 (P) LTG (R) andMrs. Harry E. Soyster ’57 MG (R) andMrs. Robert J. St.Onge ’69 (P) Maj (R) Ronald P. Stock USAF ’62 (P) MAJ Chris F. Stoinoff III ’07 LTG (R) andMrs. Theodore G. Stroup Jr. ’62 Mr. andMrs. Randal W. Studer ’74 LTC (R) andMrs. RobertW. Szymczak ’62 Mr. andMrs. JohnH. Tate II ’64 MG (R) andMrs. James B. Taylor ’61 Mr. andMrs. BenjaminH. Thompson ’93 Mr. Mark A. Thompson ’02 and Mrs. Paula J. Thompson ’02 MG (R) andMrs. Edward L. Trobaugh ’55 (P) MAJ Luke A. Tyree ’08 Mr. Stephen A. VanDuzee ’98 Mrs. Jon C. Vanden Bosch (W ’55) GEN (R) andMrs. Louis C. Wagner Jr. ’54 Mr. andMrs. Thomas E. Wagner ’66 MAJ (R) andMrs. Stephen P.Walsh ’75 MG (R) Bryan G. Watson ’82 Mrs. Anne DaleyWattman COL (R) andMrs. George S. Webb ’72 Mr. andMrs. Dennis J. F. Weese ’85 Mr. andMrs. Thomas E. Weisenfels ’89 Dr. andMrs. Larry J. Wells ’69 Mrs. Nancy D.Wells (W’52) Mrs. BarbaraW. Williams (W ’54) Mr. Ronald F. Williamson ’64 Mr. andMrs. Ross P.Witschonke ’71 Mr. andMrs. ColinW. Yankee ’99 AmazonSmile Foundation LaurenMShoaf Sr. Living Trust Anonymous Recognition in the Chairman’s Circle is offered toWest Point graduates, families, and other friends of theWest Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG) who annuallymake a gift of $1,000 or more to the LongGray Line Fund. The LongGray Line Fund supports thework and initiatives ofWPAOG, providing for class reunions, bar pinning ceremonies, the RingMemorial Program, DistinguishedGraduateAwards, West Point magazine, andmemorial support. By supporting the Long Gray Line Fund, donors are ensuring that the Long Gray Line remains unbroken and includes generations of West Point’s selfless leaders—those of the past, those of today, and those of tomorrow. 2021 UNRESTRICTED GIVING Chairman’s Circle 78 West Point Association of Graduates | 2021 Report of Gifts