WPAOG Report of Gifts 2021

Italics: Deceased W: Widow P: Parent Mr. andMrs. Jorge Alejandro (P) Mr. RobertM. White ’79 and LTC (R) Donna S. Alesch-White ’80 COL (R) Curtis J. Alitz ’78 andMrs. Debra Alitz (W ’74) COL (R) andMrs. Harry P. Allen ’73 CPT Timothy B. Allen ’07 Mr. Gregory E. Ambrosia ’05 Mr. James P. Amey ’82 COL (R) Lisa Diane A. DiCiro ’86 USAR and Mr. CurtisW. Andersen ’86 (P) Dr. andMrs. David P. Anderson ’71 MAJ (R) andMrs. John C. Anderson ’72 Mrs. Anne C. Andrews Mr. andMrs. Raymond S. Andrews Jr. ’60 Mr. andMrs.WilliamL. Andrews (P) LTC (R) Robert R. Angeli ’67 Mr. andMrs. Marc R. Angle ’99 COL (R) andMrs. DavidM. Annen ’75 Mr. andMrs. Michael D. Anthony ’81 Mr. Carl K. Aoki ’75 Dr. andMrs. Ed Arnold Mr. andMrs. Donald Arns (P) Ms. Kimberly Arvizu (P) Honorable andMrs. Thomas E. Ayres ’84 (P) Dr. andMrs. Waref Azmeh (P) MAJ (R) DonaldN. Babb ’62 COL (R) andMrs. Richard R. Babbitt ’73 (P) COL (R) andMrs. Howard F. Bachman ’64 Dr. andMrs. John S. Backof DDS ’75 COL (R) andMrs. John E. Baker ’72 (P) Mrs. Kristina E. Baldwin ’92 andMr. Mark Baldwin (P) LTC (R) andMrs. Lawrence A. Baltezore ’72 BG (R) andMrs. Bernard B. Banks ’87 (P) Mr. andMrs. Terrence J. Barno ’85 BG Chris and Lory Barra USAR ’89 COL Philip F. Battaglia ’83 and COL Diane H. Battaglia USAR ’83 LTC (R) DavidW. Bauer ’60 Mr. andMrs. CliffBaumgartner (P) Mr. andMrs. Christopher J. Beam ’79 LTC (R) andMrs. JohnH. Beasley ’70 Mr. andMrs. Dean B. Becker III ’68 Mr. andMrs. James L. Becker ’80 Mr. andMrs. Gary S. Bedard ’87 Mr. Adolf J. Beil ’98 Mr. andMrs. Eric T. Benting ’99 LTC (R) andMrs. Stephen R. Benton ’74 LTC (R) andMrs. Howard E. Berner Jr. ’74 COL (R) andMrs. Ronald L. Bertha ’77 (P) COL (R) andMrs.WilliamR. Betson ’74 (P) Mr. andMrs. JasonN. Beyer ’92 Mr. andMrs. G. Peter Bidstrup ’53 LTC (R) andMrs. GaryM. Bishop ’75 Mr.WilliamW. Bishop Honorable Timothy Bitsberger and Ms. Cheryl Crispen (P) Mr. andMrs. Thomas Bizub (P) Mr. andMrs.WilliamC. Blake ’98 (P) Mr. andMrs. Hartman Blanchard (P) Mr. andMrs. JohnM. Blevins ’68 Dr. Sonya Blevins (W ’94) Mr. andMrs. Patrick Bliss (P) Mr. andMrs. Kirk A. Block (P) Mrs. Jennifer L. Boardman ’01 and MAJ Ben Boardman LTC (R) andMrs. Marc E. Boberg ’92 Mr. Seth A. Bodnar ’01 Dr. David Boland and Dr. Caroline Heise (P) Mr. andMrs. Timothy J. Booth ’97 LTC (R) andMrs. Otis D. Borcheller ’71 COL (R) andMrs. John Bordes (P) LTC Rachel Borhauer Mr. andMrs. James F. Borneman Jr. ’90 Mr. andMrs. Gregory F. Boron ’74 Mr. Christopher Boryk COL John R. Boule II ’86 (P) Mr. andMrs. Brent D. Bourne ’91 Mr. andMrs.WilliamM. Bowden ’70 Mr. andMrs. Martin L. Bowling Jr. ’68 Mr. andMrs. DavidM. Boyle ’80 Mr. Latinus and Dr. Terri Boylston (P) COL (R) andMrs. Daniel L. Breitenbach ’72 COL (R) andMrs. FrankW. Brittain ’69 Mr. andMrs. Kenneth E. Brockman ’72 LTC (R) Jeffrey C. Brooks ’76 andMs. Suzanne LaComb COL (R) andMrs. JohnnyW. Brooks ’71 (P) GEN (R) andMrs. Vincent K. Brooks ’80 LTC (R) Glenn J. Broussard ’70 GEN (R) Arthur E. Brown Jr. ’53 Mr. Brent Brown andMrs. Jounice Nealy-Brown (P) Mr. David R. Brown COL (R) andMrs. Harry D. Brown ’72 Mr. andMrs. James Brown (P) COL (R)WilliamC. Brown ’49 Mr. andMrs. Troy Bryce (P) CPT (R) andMrs. JonathanM. Bulls ’11 Mr. andMrs. Philip S. Bunch ’70 BG (R)MargaretW. Burcham ’82 and LTC (R) JayM. Burcham Mr. andMrs. Samuel W. Burkett ’81 Mr. andMrs. Joseph Buselmeier (P) Mr. andMrs. Steven J. Bushold (P) COL (R) andMrs. JohnW. Busterud (P) COL (R) andMrs. Brian J. Butcher ’83 (P) COL (R) Robin R. Cababa ’69 andMs. ClaudiaM. Akroyd Mr. Scott L. Cahoon ’85 Mr. Konrad L. Cailteux ’77 Dr. andMrs. JohnM. Callahan ’86 (P) Mr. Joseph A. Campano ’83 LTC (R) Jonathan A. Campbell ’96 and LTC (R) Victoria J. Campbell ’96 Mrs. Lan Cao (P) Mr. andMrs. John A. Capelli ’80 COL (R) andMrs. Charles N. Cardinal ’75 COL andMrs. Ken CarlsonUSAR (P) Mr. andMrs. Peter C. Carpenter (P) LTC andMrs. Douglas A. Carr ’87 Mr. JohnM. Carreiro ’95 COL (R) andMrs. Curtis A. Carver Jr. ’83 Mr. andMrs.WilliamJ. Cassidy (P) Mr. andMrs.WilliamE. Cates ’67 LTC (R) andMrs. Gary A. Cecchine ’64 LTG (R) andMrs. Robert D. Chelberg ’61 Mr. Vincent Chirico andMs. Angela Digiglio (P) Mr. andMrs. Brian Chrisman (P) Prof Constance R. Chu ’83 MAJ Daniel C. Cicero Mr. Frederic S. Claghorn Jr. (former ’72) Mr. AndrewS. Clare Mr. Scott A. Clemenson ’91 and Dr. Carmen Clemenson CPT andMrs. Brian C. Clymer USAR ’02 Mr. andMrs. John V. Cogbill III ’70 (P) Mr. Barak Cohen ’92 COL andMrs. Steven Cohen (P) LTC (R) andMrs. Michael W. Colbert USAR ’73 LTC (R) andMrs. Anthony H. Colby ’72 Mr. Lionel Coleman andMs. Danielle Q. Burton (P) Mr. andMrs. James A. Combs Jr. ’83 Mr. andMrs. Frank Congiusta Sr. Mr. andMrs. Brian J. Conjelko ’91 Mr. andMrs. John R. Conklin ’56 COL (R)WilliamL. Conner Jr. ’74 and Ms. EllenMcCraney Mr. andMrs.WilliamConstantine Mr. andMrs. David A. Cook ’80 COL (R) andMrs. Lawrence J. Cook ’72 CW4 andMrs. Robert A. Cook (P) Mr. andMrs. Jennings B. Cooksey III ’83 (P) LTC (R) Patrick Cooper and Dr. Barbara Cooper (P) Mr. andMrs. MatthewD. Coose ’91 COL (R) andMrs. Bruce A. Cordelli Sr. ’83 Ms. Patricia Corea Mr. andMrs. Paul Corkery (P) Mr. Ben Coronado ’98 Mr. andMrs. Daniel P. Correa ’91 (P) Mrs. Ann Costello (W ’72) COL (R) Charles G. Coutteau ’81 and MAJ (R) Harlene A. Coutteau ’82 (P) Honorable andMrs. Ronald E. Cox ’66 Mr. andMrs. Brent A. Crabtree ’91 Mr. andMrs. Richard L. Cram ’73 Mr. andMrs. WilliamE. Cribb (P) Dr. andMrs. Vernon B. Crocker Sr. ’76 Mr. Christopher J. Crosby ’92 Mr. andMrs. RogerW. Cross III ’70 Mr. andMrs. RonaldD. Cullen ’43 Jun COL andMrs. Daniel J. Cummings ’83 (P) Mr. Rui O. Cunha ’82 Mr. Jeffrey Cunningham Dr. andMrs. Daniel Curtin (P) Mr. andMrs. Stephen L. Curtis ’85 Dr. Robert Czwalina Mr. andMrs. Steven S. Daigle (P) Mr. andMrs. Paul M. Daily ’78 Gen (R) James E. DaltonUSAF ’54 Mr. David B. Dalum ’69 Mr. Christopher P. Davis COL (R) andMrs. JohnDavis (P) Dr. StevenDavis and Prof. Jenny Davis (P) Mr. Samuel R. and Dr. Laura K. Dawson (P) Mr. andMrs. Timothy Dean (P) David and Jennifer DeCapua Mr. andMrs. T.D. Decker ’81 LTC (R) andMrs. Tony L. Dedmond ’72 (P) COL (R)WilliamB. DeGraf ’50 Mr. andMrs. Matthew J. DeHaven ’81 (P) Mr. andMrs. JohnM. Delaney ’82 Mr. Gerald T. Delk Mr. andMrs. Donald J. DeMetz Jr. ’74 SeanDemeule ’95 GEN (R) andMrs. Martin E. Dempsey ’74 (P) LTC (R) RichardH. St. Denis ’70 The Reverend Joseph J. Deponai ’74 Mr. Michael J. Detore ’74 COL andMrs. Michael G. Dhunjishah ’95 LTC (R) StevenM. Di Silvio ’74 and MAJ (R) Elizabeth L. Di Silvio Mr. andMrs. Pedro N. Diaz ’08 Mr. AndrewM. Dietrich ’06 Mr. andMrs. Charles O. Dodson ’01 Mr. andMrs. Dirk L. Dodson (P) Mr. andMrs. Michael Domler (P) Mr. andMrs. Roy L. Donelson ’93 COL andMrs. Brian L. Dosa ’85 MAJ (R) andMrs. Mitchell S. Dossett USAR ’74 Mrs. Amber B. Dossey ’95 and Mr. MatthewD. Dossey ’95 Mr. andMrs. Francis X. Doyle ’85 LTC (R) andMrs. Joseph J. Drach Jr. ’72 LTC (R) andMrs. Joseph S. Drelling ’76 Mr. andMrs. Charles E. Dunleavy (P) Mr. andMrs. L. Jack Dunn III ’76 Mr. andMrs. Michael C. Dunn ’87 COL (R) andMrs.WilliamF. Dworsak USAR ’62 Mr. Alexander P. Dyer ’54 CPT (R) Edward J. Dyke III ’89 COL (R) andMrs. Mark C. Easton ’82 BG (R) andMrs. Timothy J. Edens ’81 (P) Mr. andMrs. Harry C. Ehlers III ’73 Mr. andMrs. WilliamEicher (P) LTC (R) andMrs. Thomas I. Eisiminger Jr. ’84 (P) Ms. Susan Elliott LTC (R) GaryW. Enos (P) Mr. andMrs. Treavor K. Erney ’89 Mr. andMrs. Jeffrey S. Evans ’90 Mr. andMrs. Thomas R. Evans ’87 O. George andNancy Everbach ’60 Mr. andMrs. DavidM. Evetts ’05 LTC (R) andMrs. Reginald J. Fadden Jr. USAR ’74 Mr. Peter A. Falzarano Mr. andMrs. Michael J. Farley ’88 Mr. andMrs. Wayne Fatebene (P) COL (R) andMrs. Stephen C. Fee ’72 Dr. andMrs. Arnold A. Ferrando ’78 Mr. AnthonyM. Fields Jr. ’99 Mr. andMrs. Philip Finan (P) Mr. Jordan J. Fisher ’95 CPT andMrs. Michael V. Fitzgerald ’12 Mr. andMrs. Lawrence J. Fitzkee (P) PatrickM. Flachs ’72 and Lorraine Flachs (P) Ms. Jennifer Fleming ’90 BG (R) James E. Fletcher ARNG ’76 Mr. andMrs. Michael D. Fletcher ’75 COL (R) andMrs. John P. Fogarty ’71 (P) Mr. John Foley COL (R) andMrs. Thomas R. Folk USAR ’72 Mr. andMrs. Bradley S. Foster Jr. ’01 Mr. andMrs. David Fournier (P) LTC (R) Robert T. Frank ’65 and COL (R)Mary E. Frank COL (R) andMrs. Donald C. Frazer ARNG ’70 LTC (R) andMrs. WilliamF. Freccia ’67 Mr. andMrs. Kent P. Fredrickson ’82 (P) LTC (R) andMrs. Edward A. Freund IVUSAR ’72 Mr. AlexanderW. Fyfe ’00 Lt Col (R) andMrs. John C. GalenUSAF ’58 Mr. andMrs. John R. Gall Mr. andMrs. John Gallagher (P) Mr. andMrs. Christopher Ganton (P) Mr. andMrs. Carlos Garay (P) Mrs. Christine Garbien COL andMrs. Randy Garver (P) Mr. andMrs. RobertM. Garver ’85 Mr. andMrs. Thomas E. Gatti (P) MAJ (R) andMrs. Ralph E. Gehrki ’76 Angus andMary Stuart Gephart (P) LTC (R) andMrs. John A. Geraci ’72 COL (R) Tad L. Gerlinger ’90 (P) Dr. Mark Gibbons ’86 and Dr. Janice Gibbons COL (R) andMrs. Hise O. Gibson ’97 Mr. andMrs. Lee F. Gibson ’97 LTC (R) andMrs. Todd A. Gile ’86 COL (R) andMrs. RichardM. Gilligan Jr. ’62 Mr. andMrs. Brian Gilmer (P) Mr. andMrs. Francis J. Giordano ’83 Mr. andMrs. James Glass (P) Ms. Melanie R. Goering COL (R) andMrs. GlennH. Goldman ’84 Mr. andMrs. John T. Golitz (former ’57) COL (R) andMrs. Kent R. Gonser ’69 (P) Ms. Andrea Goodman (P) Mr. John T. Goodrich ’99 Mr. andMrs. Michael W. Goodwin ’82 Mr. andMrs. Justin C. Gordon ’99 COL (R) andMrs. Richard V. Gorski ’66 Mr. andMrs. AndrewGottlieb (P) Mr. Richard S. Goyette ’98 Mr. DavidH. Graham Mr. andMrs. W. George Grandison ’66 Mr. ChristianM. Grau andMrs. AnneM. Grim(P) COLWayne A. Green ’87 andMrs. Tara A. Green ’94 (P) COL Jason P. Gresh ’97 Mr. andMrs. Robert C. Grim(P) LTC (R) andMrs. Carl D. Grunow ’84 Mr. andMrs. Paul D. Guerra ’82 Mr. andMrs. Robert Guiney (P) Mr. andMrs. ShawnH. Gundrum ’01 CPT Paul F. Haddock IV ’13 LTG (R) andMrs. Franklin L. Hagenbeck ’71 Mr. andMrs. CharlesW. Haggard (P) Mrs. Carol M. Hahn (W ’52) MG (R) andMrs. Daniel A. Hahn ’73 COL (R) Barrett S. Haight ’59 and Dr. Barbara K. Haight (P) Mr. andMrs. Bradley C. Hall ’75 Mr. andMrs. Lee Hall (P) BG (R) Rebecca S. Halstead ’81 Mr. andMrs. Kevin A. Hamel MAJ (R) andMrs. ShepherdN. Han ’97 Mr. andMrs. Steven L. Hanau ’66 COL (R) andMrs. Terry D. Hand ’67 Mr. andMrs. Thomas U. Hannigan ’70 Dr. Kevin and Dr. Margaret Harbol (P) Mr. andMrs. CraigHardy (P) Mr. Robert Hargrove WestPointAOG.org 85