WPAOG Report of Gifts 2021

Italics: Deceased W: Widow P: Parent COL (R) andMrs. DonaldM. Cohick (P) Mr. Bryan A. Coleman ’95 Mr. Paul D. Coleman ’81 Dr. andMrs. Domenick Coletti (P) LTC (R) andMrs. RobertW. Colie ’76 Mrs. Carolina Coll ’92 andMr. Brian E. Coll (former ’92) Mr. andMrs. Dennis R. Coll ’65 (P) COL andMrs. Thad L. Collard (P) LTC (R) Edward C. Collazzo USAR ’83 and LTC (R) LeanneM. Collazzo ARNG ’86 Mr. Eugene A. Collett ’82 Mr. Chad A. Collier ’93 COL andMrs. LiamCollins ’92 Mr. Mike Collins Mr. andMrs. Scott Combs (P) Mr. Vincent D. Commisa MAJ JamesM. Comstock Jr. ’06 Mr. RichardH. Concannon Ms. Donna Conklin LTC (R) andMrs. Shaun S. Conlin ’72 (P) Mr. andMrs. John T. Connors ’70 (P) COL (R) andMrs. Roger F. Conover ’48 Mr. Mark F. Conroe ’86 COL (R) Gregory J. Conti ’89 Mr. andMrs. Dreux E. Coogan ’91 MAJ (R) Charles H. Cook USAR (former ’80) Mr. Edwin A. Cook ’93 Mr. andMrs. JohnD. Cook ’73 COL (R) andMrs. John R. Cook ’91 Lt Col (R) andMrs. Peyton E. Cook USAF ’51 COL (R) andMrs. Harold E. Cooney Jr. ’74 Normand Linda Cooney ’66 LTC (R) andMrs. Earl A. Cooper III ’73 Ms. Laura Cooper Mr. Michael H. Cooper (former ’74) Mr. andMrs. Todd C. Cooper ’91 Mr. andMrs. Peter J. Coote ’83 (P) COL (R) andMrs. John B. Copley ’68 COL (R) andMrs. John F. Corbett Jr. ’72 Mr. andMrs. Robert C. Cordray III ’97 COL (R) andMrs. James E. Corfman ’70 COL andMrs. Christopher Corkery (P) COL (R) John C. Cornelson ’61 (P) Mr. andMrs. RichardW. Cornman Jr. ’86 Mr. andMrs. Richard A. Corson ’74 COL (R)WilliamN. Cosby ’84 and Ms. Kelley Hecky-Cosby Dr. John F. Cosgrove ’75 Mr. andMrs. Thomas G. Cotner (P) Mr. Michael B. Cotter ’83 Mr. andMrs. David S. Coughlin ’71 Mr. Thomas Coulouris COL (R) andMrs. Edward T. Counts ’61 COL (R) Thomas E. Courant ’52 Mrs. Jennifer L. Cowley ’89 and LTC (R) ShawnW. Cowley ’91 (P) COL (R) andMrs. Thomas R. Crabtree ’82 Mr.Wayne T. Crafton ’76 Mrs. AliceM. Craig (W ’52) Mrs. Marilyn Craigie (W ’51) LTC (R) andMrs. Maury S. Cralle Jr. ’56 Dr. andMrs. Conrad C. Crane ’74 Mrs. Evelyn Crane (P) Mr. Christopher S. Crawford Sr. ’99 and Mrs. Travene A. Crawford ’99 COL (R) Gerald E. Crawford ’68 COL andMrs. Joseph P. Creekmore Jr. USAR ’86 (P) CPT Connor J. Crehan ’06 COL (R) James L. Creighton Jr. ’82 and LTC (R) Tamasine N.Wood-Creighton Mr. Scott C. Crissey ’96 and and Ms. Isper Resuma-Crissey Mr. GeorgeW. Crockatt III ’73 Mr. andMrs. Michael S. Crocker ’74 Mr. andMrs. HugoW. Croft ’68 Dr. Douglas T. Cromack ’73 Mr. andMrs. David J. Cronin ’74 MG Telita Crosland ’89 LTC (R) andMrs. Lloyd C. Crosman Mr. andMrs. David A. Crossett ’97 (P) COL (R) John C. Cruden ’68 COL David Cummings COL (R) andMrs. Gerald E. Cummins Jr. ’71 Mr. Richard Cummins Jr. Ms. Joanne Cuomo (P) COL (R) Richard L. Curl ’56 (P) MAJ andMrs. Bryan A. Curran ’07 Mr. andMrs. Michael J. Curran ’86 Mr. Patrick C. Curran ’97 Lt Col (R) Paul T. H. Currie USAF ’73 LTC (R) Joseph P. Curry III ’71 BG (R) andMrs. Stephen J. Curry ’72 Mr. Al Curti COL (R) andMrs. Paul J. Cutting ’83 Mr. Steven A. Cyr ’82 Mr. andMrs. Vincent G. Czachorowski LTC (R) andMrs. Grover H. Dailey Jr. ’73 LTC (R) andMrs. John A. Dallen Jr. ’68 Mr. andMrs. JamesM. Daly Jr. ’64 Mr. andMrs. Patrick Daly ’86 COL (R) andMrs. Stephen C. Daly ’72 Richard L. and KathrynW. Dalzell ’79 Mr. James E. Daniels ’63 Mr. andMrs.WilliamDaniels (P) Mr. andMrs. David L. Danielsen ’84 (P) Mr. JohnDannemiller Mr. andMrs. Michael Darby (P) Mr. andMrs.WilliamA. Dauer ’81 LTC (R) Anne R. Daugherty ’85 and Mr. Mark Daugherty BG (R) andMrs.WilliamC. David ’75 COL JosephDavidson COL (R) andMrs. AddisonD. Davis IV ’78 LTC (R) Alfrazier Davis Jr. ’83 LTC (R) andMrs. Chadwick G. Davis ’94 Mr. andMrs. Geoffrey C. Davis ’81 COL (R) andMrs. Joe B. Davis ’73 COL (R) andMrs. M. Thomas Davis ’72 Mr. RobertW. Davis ’73 andMs. LindaWatkins LTC (R) andMrs. Steven A. Davis ’85 LTC (R) andMrs. Ted E. Davis ’74 (P) Mr. Bruce H. Davison ’84 Mr. andMrs. JohnW. Day Jr. ’86 Mrs. Lucy A. Day (W ’56) Mr. andMrs. Thomas J. Daze ’73 COL (R) Richard P. De Fatta ’78 Mr. andMrs. Ronald De Frates (P) Mr. andMrs. Paul A. De Rosa (P) MAJ (R) andMrs. Timothy J. Dean ’83 (P) GPD Charitable Trust Mr. andMrs. KevinDebruyne (P) Mr. andMrs. Dale G. Degen ’95 LTC KeithW. DeGregory ’97 Mr. David A. del Cuadro-Zimmerman ’07 Mr. andMrs. JohnD. Del Ponti ’60 Mr. Ramon C. DeLeon Jr. ’86 Mr. andMrs. James H. DeMent Jr. ’60 Mr. Joseph C. DeMike ’98 COL (R) andMrs. RobertW. DeMont ’59 (P) Mr. andMrs. Peter A. Dencker ’69 (P) Mr. andMrs. Roger T. Denha (P) Mr. andMrs. J. M. Denning ’92 Dr. andMrs. John R. Denton Jr. ’60 LTC (R) John R. DePiazza Jr. USAR ’78 Dr. andMrs. Christopher Derivaux (P) Lt Col KeithDesonier Mr. andMrs. Donald C. Devine ’81 Mr. andMrs. George K. Devine Jr. ’72 Archbishop KristinDeVittorio COL (R) Gregory H. DeVoe ’74 COL (R) andMrs. James E. DeWire ’63 Mr. andMrs.WilliamP. Di Bianca Jr. (P) Mr. andMrs. Michael A. DiCaprio (P) Ms. DanaM. DiCarlo LTC andMrs. Kevin E. Dice USAR ’89 LTC (R) andMrs. Gene A. Dickey ’74 Mr. David R. Dickison ’92 Mr. Michael W. Dickson ’95 and Mrs. Kirsten A. Dickson ’97 Mr. RichardD. Dickson ’96 and Mr. LuisMorales Lopez MAJ (R) andMrs. David L. Diedrich ’76 Mr. andMrs. Donald C. Dieringer (P) Mr. James C. Diermeier Mr. andMrs. George A. Dikeman ’90 Mr. andMrs. J. Richard Dillon ’74 Mr. andMrs. JohnM. DiMarsico ’85 Mrs. Marjorie Sue Dinges Burpo (W ’53) Mr. Paul J. Diorio ’79 andMs. Hong Pan Mr. andMrs. Charles R. Ditchendorf (former ’62) Mr. andMrs. Mark C. DiTrolio ’86 Mr. JamesW. Dodd ’62 LTC (R) andMrs.WilliamW. Doe III ’74 Mr. Michael S. Doheny ’92 Mr. andMrs. Charles L. Dokmo ’73 MAJ (R) JosephW. Dombi ’81 and COL Janice L. Dombi Mr. Patrick J. Domingue Jr. ’91 Mr. andMrs. Francisco O. Dominguez Jr. ’73 COL (R) Jeffery L. Donald ’72 Mr. andMrs. AlfredW. Donaldson Jr. ’94 (P) COL Daniel G. DonelinUSAR ’90 Mr. andMrs. Robert S. Donnelly ’81 Mr. Thomas E. Donovan ’84 Mr. andMrs. Kenneth J. Donze (P) Mr. andMrs. Ted A. Dore (P) Mr. andMrs. Eric J. Dornbush (P) Mr. Thomas J. Dorozynski Mrs. Nancy D. Dorris (W ’59) Mrs. Evelyn J. Dorsey (W ’60) Mr. andMrs. KevinDougherty (P) Mr. andMrs. Samuel R. Douglas (P) Mr. Gregory C. Douglass ’73 COL (R) Arthur J. Downey Jr. ’61 Mr. andMrs. Edward E. Downey Jr. Mr. andMrs. RobertM. Dowse ’86 Mr. James A. Doyle ’74 Ms. Leslie Doyle (P) Mr. andMrs. Patrick Doyle (P) Mr. andMrs. Rodney Doyle (P) Mr. andMrs. JohnM. Draper ’74 LTC (R) andMrs. Robin J. Drescher ’76 Ms. Carol Driesse MAJ (R) andMrs. JohnW. Driscoll ’83 Mr. andMrs. Alec L. Drummond (P) Mr. andMrs. Deane C. Drury ’66 Dr. andMrs. ByronDruzgal (P) LTG (R) andMrs. John A. Dubia ’66 Mr. Joe G. Dudzinski (P) Mr. andMrs. WilliamJ. Dueker ’02 Dr. Scott R. Duffin ’79 Mr. JohnM. Duhamel ’88 COL (R) andMrs. AndrewL. Dull ’68 Mr. BrianW. Dunbar Dr. Jeffrey A. Duncan ’86 Mr. Quinntine A. Dunford ’97 Mr. Che P. Dungan ’97 COL andMrs. Jonathan S. Dunn ’96 LTC (R) Edward E. Durham ’72 and MAJ Terrie J. Durham Mr. andMrs. Frank D. DurrumJr. ’71 COL (R) Joseph A. Durso ’77 Mr. andMrs. Thomas A. Durso ’85 (P) COL (R) andMrs. Harry V. Dutchyshyn ’52 (P) Mr. andMrs. DavidH. Dvergsten ’70 Mr. Carl E. Dye ’64 LTC (R) andMrs. Allan G. Dyer USAR ’75 Mrs. Donna Dyer (W ’61) MG (R) andMrs. RobertM. Dyess Jr. ’82 Mr. andMrs. Marvin J. J. Dyke ’94 COL (R) andMrs. Gregory J. Dyson ’76 Mr. andMrs. Jamal A. Eason ’04 Mr. andMrs. Raymond L. Eason Jr. ’94 COL (R) andMrs. John E. Easterbrook ’62 COL (R) andMrs. John C. Eberle ’66 MG (R) andMrs. Donald E. Eckelbarger ’59 Mr. andMrs. WilliamE. Eckert Jr. Mr. andMrs. Jeff Eckland (P) Mr. andMrs. Christopher J. Eddy ’94 Mr. Michael P. Eddy ’86 CPTMichael J. Ede ’17 Mrs. Elizabeth Edelstein (W ’73) LTC (R) andMrs. John C. Edgecomb ’74 Ms. Dawne E. Edmonds ’92 Mr. andMrs. Bruce N. Edwards (P) Mr. andMrs. Kip C. Edwards ’76 Mrs. Amy E. Edwards ’97 and Mr. Michael S. Edwards ’97 Mr. SeanD. Egan ’94 COL andMrs. Steven F. EganUSAR ’94 COL (R) andMrs. Michael D. Eiland ’61 Mrs. Richard A. Eklund (W ’66) LTC (R) andMrs. Richard A. EkmanUSAR ’72 Mr. andMrs. Robert Eller (P) Mr. Charles Ellerman Mr. AndrewEllis Col (R) andMrs. StephenH. Ellis USAF ’62 Bruce and Patricia Elmblad ’51 Mr. AndrewN. Embery (former ’99) LTC Charles J. Emerson Jr. ’89 and LTC Kay Linda G. Emerson ’90 Mrs. Heather M. England ’84 andMr. Jerry England Mrs. Cheryl A. Ennis (W ’54) Mr. andMrs. Daniel J. Enright ’82 Bill Entringer Mr. andMrs. Bradley J. Erbes ’73 LTC andMrs. AndrewT. Erickson ARNG ’03 Mr. andMrs. Stein B. Ericsson ’96 LTC (R) Phyllis R. Erkins ’86 Mr. andMrs. Chester N. Ernst ’70 The Honorable Joni Ernst (P) BG (R) andMrs. Dean R. Ertwine ’72 Mr. andMrs. Ronald Espell (P) COL (R) andMrs. James D. Etchechury ’70 (P) COL (R) andMrs. Daniel M. Evans Jr. ’64 (P) Mr. andMrs. Scott Evenson (P) LTC (R) andMrs. Henry F. Faery Jr. ’60 COL (R) Karen V. Fair ’85 andMr. Marcus C. Fair COL Stephen A. Fairless ’97 LTC (R) andMrs. JonathanM. Faith ’72 Mr. andMrs. Daniel J. Falke (former ’84) LTC (R) Robert J. Farrell ’83 BG (R) andMrs. Billy D. Farris II ’83 (P) Mr. andMrs. Timothy A. Faulkner ’86 Mr. andMrs. Steve E. Featherstone ’74 (P) Mr. andMrs. Paul Federici (P) Mr. andMrs. Raymond L. Federici ’72 Mr. John E. Fee ’62 LTC (R) John F. Feeley Jr. ’73 COL (R) Scott R. Feil ’73 and LTC (R) Debrah K. Feil Mr. John Feiter LTC (R) Gregory A. Fend ’99 and Dr. Laura Dawson-Fend CPT Quinton J. Fenley ’11 andMrs. Lauren B. Fenley ’11 Mr. James Fenn (P) MAJ (R) Harold J. Fennimore ’83 and Dr. Lorraine D. Summerlin (P) Mr. andMrs. JohnD. Ferguson ’72 MAJ (R) andMrs. Thomas K. Ferguson ’71 COL (R) andMrs. Jude C. Fernan ’83 LTC (R) andMrs. Daniel J. Ferrari ’76 Mr. Paul J. Ferrigno ’96 and Dr. Lisa A. Mills LTC (R) Frederick R. Ferrin ’72 LTC (R) andMrs. Christopher V. Feudo ’72 (P) MG (R) andMrs. Charles J. Fiala ’53 (P) CPT Chad T. Fifield ’05 Mr. andMrs. Kerry D. Figiel ’73 COL (R) andMrs. WilliamF. Filter ’73 Mr. George B. Fink Jr. ’77 LTC (R) Keith A. Fink USAR ’82 Mr. andMrs. Thomas K. Fink (P) Mr. andMrs. Dennis P. Finnigan ’73 Mr. andMrs. Robert Fiore (P) Mr. andMrs. WilliamS. Fischer (P) LTC (R) andMrs. Thomas C. Fiser ’75 WestPointAOG.org 89