WPAOG Report of Gifts 2021

Italics: Deceased W: Widow P: Parent GeorgeWashington Society $100,000,000 or more Thomas Jefferson Society $50,000,000 to $99,999,999 Lee and Penny Anderson ’61 Vinnie and Teresa Viola ’77 Sylvanus Thayer Society $10,000,000 to $24,999,999 Bill and Carol Foley ’67 Fred andMarleneMalek ’59 Bob andMarcia Randall ’56 Mr. andMrs. Rick A.Wilber ’69 Dwight D. Eisenhower Society $5,000,000 to $9,999,999 Robert and JoanBeveridge ’53 Charles and Betty Ewing ’51 GEN (R) andMrs. AlexanderM. Haig Jr. ’47 (P) Mark B. Hoffman ’69 and Alexsis de Raadt-St James E. Douglas and Jean C. Kenna ’45 James V. Kimsey ’62 Herb and Trudy Lichtenberg ’55 COL (R) Samuel R. Martin ’46 Secretary andMrs. Robert A. McDonald ’75 Col (R) Nicholas E. Powel USAF ’32 InMemory of hismother Lelie Dent Powel Mr. AbsalomT.Webber Jr. ’51 Douglas MacArthur Society $2,500,000 to $4,999,999 Frank J. Caufield ’62 Mr. andMrs. Robert S. Dow (former ’66) Mr. andMrs. Alex Gorsky ’82 Mr. andMrs. Robert P. Healy ’86 (P) James and Christine Heldman ’62 BG (R) James K. Herbert ’30 Mr. andMrs.WilliamG. Higgs ’74 Mr. andMrs. Charles B. Johnson Mr. andMrs. Rupert H. Johnson Jr. Marshall and Susan Larsen ’70 Honorable Samuel K. Lessey Jr. ’45 WilliamD. and JanMounger ’48 WilliamF. Murdy ’64 Mr. andMrs. Ray Owen III ’94 Bernard Petrie ’46 Stewart and Lynda Resnick LTC (R) Allan P. Scholl ’50 LTC (R) CharlesW. Zipp ’53 andMrs. Margaret Ann Zipp Anonymous (3) Ulysses S. Grant Society $1,000,000 to $2,499,999 Mr. andMrs. Don E. Ackerman ’56 George F. (Rick) Adam ’68 Bill and SusanAlmon ’54 Rand and Jessie Araskog ’53 Mr. Joel D. Aron ’48 Eugene D. Atkinson ’66 Mr. andMrs. C. PhillipBarger ’50 Tosh Barron TomBarron ’65 Harry Bettis ’48 Mr. andMrs. Douglas C. Black ’86 Col (R) Harry F. Boone USAF ’42 Frank and Susan Borman ’50 (P) Richard and Sandra Bowers ’68 Benjamin F. Breslauer ’54 Herman and Iris Bulls ’78 (P) Mr. andMrs. Russell T. Bundy (P) Bob Carpenter ’67 Mr. andMrs. Michael C. Centers ’82 Mr. andMrs. Charles B. Chitty ’66 MG (R) andMrs. Neal Creighton ’53 (P) COL (R) Richard L. Curl ’56 (P) Maj Gen (R) andMrs. Thomas C. DarcyUSAF ’32 Bill andMary Deatherage ’73 Maj Gen (R) andMrs. RexfordH. Dettre Jr. USAF ’43 Jan Mr. andMrs. John L. Drew ’78 GEN (R) andMrs. Clyde D. Eddleman ’24 Robert E. Eisiminger ’88 Tomand Gloria Faulds ’64 Mr. andMrs. Michael T. Fisher ’90 Ron andNancy Floto ’65 George andMaureen Gilmore ’71 Jodie and Sandy Glore ’69 Col (R) Robert B. GriffithUSAF ’47 Louis and Barbara Gross ’54 Tony andMichelle Guzzi ’86 (P) Jack and Gloria Hammack ’49 Tomand Char Hand ’82 David and Sheryll Harkins ’62 Edward G. Harshfield (former ’62) Mr. andMrs.Warren J. Hayford ’52 MarkW. Hebrank ’76 Mr. H. HughHickok Ken and Lucy Hicks ’74 COL (R) andMrs.Woodson F. Hocker ’27 Mr. andMrs. CalvinM. Holman ’79 LTC (R) andMrs. Alan T. Horwedel ’53 Dr. Ted and Laura Hromadka (former ’72) COL (R) andMrs. Clarence J. Kanaga 1919 Mr. andMrs. Charles B. King Jr. ’57 (P) Mr. andMrs. PhilipH. Knight Mr. Peter B. Krause ’67 Mr. Lee B. Ledford Jr. ’41 Mr. AlanA. Lichtenberg ’51 Scott and Lucy Lichtenberg Jerry and Peggy Lodge ’54 Paul D. Mango ’81 and Dawn S. Rucker ’82 (P) Nancy and EdwinMarks ’49 COL (R)WilliamMastoris Jr. ’50 MG (R) andMrs. JosephA. McChristian ’39 Mr. andMrs. Dan L. McGurk ’49 MG (R) Carl andMrs. Jo AnnMcNair Jr. ’55 Mr. andMrs. Dana G. Mead ’57 Michael and LindaMewhinney ’66 Peter and PhyllisMeyer ’64 COL (R) Lee and JulianneMiller 1934 Ron and Suzanne Naples ’67 Anthony and KristinNoto ’91 Dick andMarie Nowak ’64 Bill and Joyce O’Meara ’59 Mr. Hugh C. Parker Jr. ’45 Mr. andMrs. James J. Patterson ’44 Mr. andMrs. Steven Perryman ’64 Tomand Jane Petrie ’67 BG (R) andMrs. Palmer E. Pierce 1891 Mr.WilliamJ. Sandbrook ’79 George and Betty Ann Schaefer ’67 Brent Scowcroft ’47 Celestine and Francis J. Sehn COL (R) andMrs. Robert A. Shade ’50 Roland and Lynne Smith ’78 (P) Zella Smith Anderson, J.D. Mr. andMrs. Thomas H. Speairs ’72 Williamand Diane Spurgeon ’81 (P) COL (R) JohnH. Stokes III ’57 and Ms. Mary Beth Ziegler-Stokes COL (R) andMrs.WarrenR. Stumpe ’45 BG (R) Paul andMrs. Josette Thompson ’29 Bruce and Gabriella Thorn ’89 LTG (R) andMrs. Richard G. Trefry ’50 George and Cindy Tronsrue ’78 and the Tronsrue Family Foundation Robb and Lydia Turner ’84 Jimand Florrie Tuthill ’48 Mr. Timothy C. Tyson ’74 andMrs. Amy J. Tyson Mr. Richard J.Weyhrich ’52 Jack andMary LoisWheatley ’50 Mr. AndMrs. Robert A.Whitfield ’48 (P) Bill and AnnWilloughby ’60 (P) Mr. andMrs. Jerome B. York Jr. ’60 Anonymous Class of ’68 Anonymous (P), Class of 2023 Anonymous (4) Omar N. Bradley Society $500,000 to $999,999 Mr. andMrs. Keith E. Adams ’62 Mr. andMrs. RalphW. Adams ’65 Mr. andMrs. Roger E. Ailes LTG (R) andMrs. James D. Alger ’35 James and Patricia Anderson Mr. andMrs. Fred J. Archibald ’45 MG (R) J. E. Bastion Jr. ’33 ThomasW. Beasley ’66 COL (R) andMrs.WilliamJ. Bennett ’40 Mr. andMrs. Henry B. Bentley III ’70 Annie and Daniel Berce (P) Mr. andMrs. Martin L. Bowling Jr. ’68 Lisa and Chris Casciato ’80 Dr. James C. and Dorothy P. Castle ’58 John and Deborah Cavalier ’72 Robert A. Cenci ’67 Douglas andMelissa Cifu Mr. andMrs. Phillip A. Clough ’83 Brian and Grace Concannon ’79 Mr. Neal L. Creighton ’89 and Dr. Dukhee Rhee-Creighton BG (R) andMrs. Marcel G. Crombez ’25 COL (R) JohnM. Daley ’58 Richard L. and KathrynW. Dalzell ’79 BG (R) andMrs. Peter M. Dawkins ’59 Clay and Cyndy DeGiacinto ’95 Mr. andMrs. JosephM. DePinto ’86 (P) BG (R)WilliamJ. Deyo Jr. ’26 Mr. Douglas C. Doan ’79 Albert andNatasha Dombrowski ’88 Stephen and Lucy Draper ’64 COL (R) andMrs. John G. Driskill ’52 Mr. andMrs. Richard L. Duchossois BG (R) JohnH. Dudley ’30 Tomand Paige Dyer ’67 Bob and LaDorna Eichenberg ’46 Charlotte Feng Ford (P) MG (R) andMrs. Robert G. Fergusson ’36 WilliamE. Ford (P) Mr. andMrs. Michael Franzino ’71 John and Janet Garrison ’82 Kevin C. Gaynor ’66 Mr. Gary T. Giglio ’89 (P) Ms. Tanya Giglio (P) Mr. Albert H. Goering ’49 Dr. andMrs. RichardN. Groves Jr. ’58 Joe and Beverly Hardin Jr. ’67 JohnH. F. Haskell Jr. ’53 COL (R) andMrs. GeorgeW. Heck Mike Hood ’67 Mr. andMrs. David E. Hurley ’65 (P) COL (R) andMrs. Frank B. Janoski ’74 (P) Ed and Jerry Jones ’61 LTC (R) Louis R. Jones ’48 Mr. andMrs. Henry K. Jordan (P) Mr. Paul Kalmanovitz Caren and Thomas Kilgore ’80 Mr. andMrs. Edward Knapp (P) Timand PamKnight ’86 Lt Col (R) RobertM. Kraft USAF ’29 1LT Zoe R. Kreitenberg ’16 Mr. Steven G. Lamb ’80 andMrs. Susanne R. Lamb ’80 COL (R) George E. Lear ’50 andMs. Mary Ellen Shepherd Mr. andMrs. Michael S. Lichtenberg COL (R) andMrs. Karl R. Liewer ’45 LIFETIME GIVING Individuals The eight Lifetime Giving Societies are named for Thomas Jefferson, founder of the United States Military Academy, and for some of the Academy’s most distinguished graduates and military leaders. Below is a record of individual lifetime giving in support of West Point. The totals include all gifts received, including irrevocable planned gifts and employer matching gifts. WestPointAOG.org 7