WPAOG Report of Gifts 2021

MG (R) Bernard Loeffke ’57 Denny andMary Long ’48 LTC (R) Darrell and Cheryl Massie Col (R) andMrs. John C. McCawleyUSAF ’32 LTG (R) andMrs. David F. Melcher ’76 (P) Mr. Bryant S. Messner ’79 Mr. andMrs.WilliamD. Miller ’73 (P) Jimand Kai Morris ’86 Denis F. Mullane ’52 (P) MG (R) Douglas J. and Jeanne O’Connor ’54 GEN (R) andMrs. Raymond T. Odierno ’76 (P) Mr. andMrs. Stanley Carter Pace ’43 Jun Mr. andMrs. Eric S. Paternoster ’74 MG (R) andMrs. George S. Patton ’46 COL (R) andMrs. David R. Pelizzon ’81 Richard D. and Donna C. Plumley ’74 Mr. andMrs. Gilbert Pritchard Jr. ’70 Mr. andMrs. A. Jon Prusmack GEN (R) andMrs. Roscoe Robinson Jr. ’51 (P) Mr. David J. Roux andMrs. BarbaraW. Roux Alan and Florence Salisbury ’58 LTC (R) Edwin andMrs. Renee Selman ’83 Mr. andMrs. Hugh A. Shaffer ’68 James A. and JuneM. Sharman ’82 COL (R) George E. Lear ’50 and Ms. Mary Ellen Shepherd Marty Silverman BG (R) C. Coburn Smith ’31 The Steve and Barbara Spiva Foundation (P) Mr. andMrs. Robert T. Stevens Mr. andMrs. Todd A. Stevens ’89 Mr. andMrs. Daniel P. Sullivan ’85 Thomas and Sandra Sullivan Mr. andMrs. James E. Sweetnam ’74 Mr. andMrs. Les Szabolcsi ’78 LTC (R) andMrs. Jack Teague JUN ’43 Kevin Terrell ’90 Mr. andMrs.WalterW. Thiede ’30 COL (R) andMrs. Joel F. Thomason ’39 Mr. andMrs. Robert B. Uhler ’68 Frederick and Kimila Ulrich ’66 (P) Mr. Vaughn G. A. Vasconcellos ’78 Will and DeniseWeathersby ’87 COL (R) andMrs. Charles R. Welsh ’61 TheWilson Family COL (R) andMrs.Walter L.Winegar ’39 A. RossWollen ’65 Michael and BarbaraWynne ’66 Anonymous (6) Benjamin O. Davis Jr. Society $250,000 to $499,999 Mr. BernardW. Abrams ’47 Mr. andMrs. RexM. Adams ’83 Bill and Franke Albrecht ’74 StephenO. Allaire ’69 andMary R. Connolly Mr. andMrs. Bruce Allbright (P) COL (R) ArthurW. Allen Jr. ’39 Mr.WilliamL. Allinder ’74 and Dr. Mary D. Sawyer Mr. andMrs. Darcy G. Anderson ’78 (P) Mark and Valerie Andreotta ’74 Bob and Cathie Baldwin ’69 Linda and Jimmy Balkcomand Family ’67 Mr. andMrs. Rand A. Ballard ’77 LTC (R) andMrs. Norman E. Beatty ’63 (P) John and Peggy Beier ’39 COL (R) George andHannah Bell ’50 Scott Belveal ’92 and Carolyn Belveal ’93 Timand Julie Bensley ’81 LTG (R) andMrs. AustinW. Betts ’34 Mrs. Mark Bilodeau (W ’72) Bob and Kay Boehlke ’63 Ms. Georgette Boulegeris Jack and Annis Bowen ’45 Mike and Bette Rose Bowers ’63 COL (R) andMrs. Vincent L. Boylan ’39 COL (R) andMrs. Keirn C. Brown Jr. ’69 Mr. andMrs. Peter K. Brual ’83 Maj Gen (R) JohnH. Buckner USAF ’43 Jan Mr. Adrian Cales andMs. Annmarie Neri COL (R) andMrs. Robert C. Cameron ’40 Bill and Starr Campbell ’70 Mr. Patrick J. Carroll Jr. ’61 Marshall N. Carter ’62 Dr. Peter and Dr. Charlotte Casterline (P) Mr. andMrs. Charles E. Cheever Jr. ’49 Mr. andMrs. Ralph J. Chesnauskas ’56 COL (R) andMrs. RobertW. Child 1919 LTG (R) Daniel W. and Susan B. Christman ’65 MG (R) andMrs. Ralph C. Cooper ’29 Doctor R. Crants ’66 Mr. andMrs. JohnD. Crary ’29 COL (R) Robert E. Cron ’30 andMrs. ElnoraH. Cron COL (R) andMrs. Ernest E. Cross ’56 COL (R) andMrs. Daniel B. Cullinane JUN ’43 BG (R) GeorgeW. Cullum1833 Ms. SharonM. Damon Rick and Connie Dauch ’83 (P) LTG (R) andMrs. John J. Davis ’31 LTG (R) andMrs. Joseph E. DeFrancisco ’65 (P) Mr. andMrs. Anthony J. Delano ’51 Daniel and Patricia AnnDerbes ’52 Gabe andDot Disosway ’33 Mr. andMrs. John F. Donahue ’46 Mr. andMrs. Dean E. Dorman ’86 (P) MG (R) andMrs. Charles S. D’Orsa ’32 John and Pat Eberhard ’59 Mr. andMrs. Robert B. Egelston ’54 COL (R) andMrs. DonaldA. Elliget ’35 Mr. Jerry Elliott Dr. andMrs. Theodore D. Ellsworth 1928 O. George andNancy Everbach ’60 Mr. andMrs. Guy L. Filippelli ’97 Dr. andMrs. BertramP. Finn ’62 Col (R) Harry E. Fisher USAF 1920 Katie Broberg Foehl and Edward A. Foehl ’65 John andNancy Fogarty ’71 Mr. andMrs. Charles N. French Jr. ’48 Buck and Kelly French ’89 Sloan andMargaret Gibson ’75 Mr. andMrs. DavidM. Gordon ’86 BrigGen (R) andMrs. LawrenceN. GordonUSAF ’46 Mr. JohnR. Grace ’46 Mr. andMrs. Richard E. Graf ’71 COL (R) andMrs. Seldon B. GrahamJr. ’51 Bill and Jamie Graves ’82 (P) MG (R) andMrs. DavidW. Gray ’33 Mr. andMrs. J. Mark Grosvenor Tony and Joanne Guerrerio ’69 Mr. andMrs. Rush F. Harding III (former ’76) Mr. E. DavissonHardman Jr. ’71 Mr. andMrs. Donald A. Harris ’74 Mr. Francis Q. Hoang ’95 and Dr. Tracy Kruzick Ambassador andMrs. AlfredHoffman Jr. ’56 Mr. Christopher Hsu ’92 andMrs. Juliane Hsu Cheng Yu andWei Wei Huang ’76 Mr. Henry L. InghamII ’46 COL (R) andMrs. Lawrence L. Izzo ’67 LTC (R) andMrs.WilliamM. Jewell Jr. ’53 Mr. andMrs. Grafton Jhung ’60 Hjalma, Laura, Len, andNancy Johnson Linda and Ken Johnson ’69 LTC (R) RichardA. Johnson ’46 Craig and Teri Jung ’75 Etta andNathan Kantor ’65 Mr. andMrs.Walter Kaye Kevin and Jessica Kearns ’91 Ephesians 2:10 - KimFamily Fund ’88 Mr. andMrs. JosephH. Kimmitt ’72 Ambassador andMrs. RobertM. Kimmitt ’69 Mr. andMs. Albert E. Knauf Jr. ’65 LTC (R) andMrs. Johann R.W. Kohler ’62 Joseph and Anna Kokolakis COL (R) andMrs. Paul H. Krauss ’40 Mr. andMrs. Kenneth T. Lamneck ’77 Ralph and Anita Leonard ’52 Nina and Rob Leslie ’69 COL (R) George E. Lightcap ’24 Mr. andMrs. Peter B. Lilly ’70 Mr. Henry R. Luce andHonorable Clare Boothe Luce Mr. Patrick J. MacArevey ’78 and Ms. Jean Baderschneider Steven A. and Karen B. Madden (P) MAJ Brian andMrs. JudyMahoney ’88 Marie LewisMatthews and EdwardMatthews CPT (R) andMrs. Peter M. Mavoides ’89 (P) Mr. andMrs. George R. McClelland ’71 Mr. Robert R. McComsey Dr. andMrs. DavidH. McCormick ’87 Mr. Thomas H. McNiel ’45 Mr. Richard K. Mellon Mr. andMrs. Merrill A. (Pete)Miller Jr. ’72 COL (R) Scott F. Miller ’72 Andrea and RobertMinutoli ’72 Mr. ThomasMorgan Jr. ’83 (P) LTG (R) JohnW. Morris ’43 Jun Mr. JerryMupo Wayne andMary EllenMurphy ’69 (P) Mr. andMrs. DavidNewton Ms. Indra K. Nooyi COL (R) John andMary Northrop ’72 (P) Mr. andMrs. Victor J. Paci ’72 COL (R) andMrs. Randall M. Pais ’67 (P) LTG (R) Dave R. Palmer ’56 BG (R) Jack A. Pellicci ’60 Marie and Eugene Petraitis Dr. Daniel W. Pillasch ’71 Mr. Virgil M. Price II MG (R) andMrs. Fay B. Prickett 1916 Mrs. Holly A. Rebelez ’88 and Mr. DarrenM. Rebelez ’88 (P) Edmund J. andMary L . Reinhalter ’52 LTG (R) andMrs. WilliamH. Reno ’61 LTG (R) andMrs. James L. Richardson Jr. ’30 Mr.WilliamD. Rogers ’82 Jack and Donna Rust ’49 GEN (R) andMrs. H. Norman Schwarzkopf ’56 Nancy and Pete Selleck ’77 (P) Mr. andMrs. David G. Seymour ’86 COL (R)Wade andMissy Shaddock ’57 Mr. Mark D. Shattan ’91 and Mrs. MyLinh B. Shattan ’91 (P) COL (R) andMrs. JoeH. Sheard ’53 Bob and Tuke Shoemaker ’46 Thomas and Dorothy Shull ’73 Bill and Annie Slenker ’69 Mr. andMrs. R. E. Spears ’70 MG (R) Adrian andDr. Florence St. John II ’43 Jan COL (R) Nancy J. (Harman) Stevens ’81 and Dr. Dirk E. Stevens ’81 (P) BG (R) andMrs. LeRoy J. Stewart 1922 Timothy R. Sweeney ’76 Mr. andMrs. Richard J. Swift ’66 (P) Dr. Gerry Tate, Ph.D (former ’77) Bill and Paula Trivette ’70 (P) COL (R) andMrs.WilliamH. Vail Jr. ’38 Dr. Harry andMrs. Diane Van Trees ’52 COL (R) andMrs. RichardG. VanderMeer ’53 Mrs. Emily Vissers (W ’67) Mr. andMrs. Roderic B. Vitty ’55 LTC (R) andMrs. Francis E. Voegeli ’42 Jerry and RitaWaldor ’50 Mr. andMrs. DeWittWallace 1LT (R) Arthur E.Watson Jr. ’26 COL (R) andMrs. JohnA.Weeks 1918 Shawn andMariaWeidmann ’85 (P) Mr. andMrs. Lawrence G. Whalley ’84 Tomand SusanWhite ’67 (P) Mr. andMrs. Thomas G. White Dr. andMrs.WilliamL.Wilby ’67 COL (R) George R.Wilkins ’35 Mr. Randy A.Wilson ’69 Steven and Vicki Wilson ’70 Col (R) HilbertM.WittkopUSAF 1922 Bob andMarie Yaap ’69 Anonymous (3) Henry H. “Hap” Arnold Society $100,000 to $249,999 James andNancy Abcouwer ’75 GEN (R) andMrs. John P. Abizaid ’73 Dr. andMrs. DavidM. Abshire ’51 Mr. andMrs. Robert F. Acevedo ’75 Jeri and Glen Adams ’61 COL (R) Thomas J. Agnor Jr. ’46 Dr. andMrs. Alan B. Aker ’68 Mrs. Marwa Al Khalifa (P) JohnH. and Joyce T. Alban Jr. ’60 Dave Alberga ’84 and Christine Cernosia PaulW. and Leigh Ann Albers ’72 (P) James and Patricia Albo ’71 Mr. andMrs. Michael M. Aldrich ’72 Mr. andMrs. Carl B. Anderson Jr. ’44 Mr. Joseph B. Anderson Jr. ’65 and Dr. Rochelle Anderson COL (R) andMrs. Joseph C. Arnold ’64 Norman R. Augustine Mr. andMrs. Robert J. Axley ’65 1LT (R) Leslie E. Babcock Jr. ’44 Mr. andMrs. Walt Bachman COL (R) andMrs.WilliamA. BachmanMAANG ’68 Mr. Russell C. Ball Jr. ’48 Mr. andMrs. Richard P. Banez ’93 Dr. EricW. Bantz ’72 and Dr. Heung S. Kim LTC (R)WilliamJ Barkovic ’71 and Clare Ericson Barkovic (W ’68) James L. and Donna Barksdale Honorable Rhesa H. and Claire Barksdale ’66 MG (R)WilliamL. Barriger 1918 Williamand Jacqueline Barry ’66 Mr. andMrs. FredH. Bartlit Jr. ’54 Mr. andMrs. John T. Bartocci ’78 Mr. M. Eric Bassel ’88 Mr. andMrs. JosephM. Bassil ’83 Vane and Anna Bates ’55 BG (R) andMrs. James H. Batte (former ’39) COL (R) andMrs. Dwight E. Beach Jr. ’59 (P) Dr. andMrs. KevinM. Beam ’78 COL (R) andMrs. Paul S. Beaty ’73 Bob and June Beck COL (R) Douglas S. Becker ’71 BG (R) andMrs. Richard A. Behrenhausen Jr. ’61 Mr. andMrs. Thomas A. Beierschmitt ’68 (P) BG (R) Randall andMaryanne Bell ’59 Bill and Barbara Benedict ’71 (P) Mr. andMrs. Thomas J. Bennett ’74 (P) Mr. andMrs. ThomasM. Benson Jr. LTC (R)Michael D. Berendt ’78 andMs. Joan Sgaggio Jack and Linda Bergen ’64 Gregg and Susy Berman David and Jeanne Beurket ’57 Fred and Virginia Birch ’49 Mr. andMrs. James C. Bishop Jr. ’58 Dr. andMrs. Clifford P. Black Jr. ’72 Mr. Earl H. Blaik ’20 Mr. andMrs. RobertM. Blaik (former ’52) Mr. andMrs. Ed Bloom ’99 Mr. andMrs. Gregory F. Boron ’74 Mr. Michael G. Boulegeris ’83 Mrs. Marcellus Bounds (W ’49) MG (R) GuyM. Bourn ’74 Mr. andMrs. Bradley J. Bower ’82 LIFETIME GIVING Individuals 8 West Point Association of Graduates | 2021 Report of Gifts