December 11, 2017

James Costello for Judge: 

It was incredible to know that we were in the experienced hands of Impel Creative for our Judicial Campaign. It really helped to not have to stress about the creative work we needed to properly brand our campaign. Impel Creative’s work really helped the campaign stand out from the other candidates. It was clean, professional and recognizable. From yard signs to t-shirts to mailers, it was clear that the work represented the Costello campaign. Name recognition is very important when running for office and all materials that represented the campaign were outstanding.

Impel Creative was responsive and reassuring throughout the entire process. They were so knowledgeable that it was easy to trust their judgment and expertise for the print materials, the website and ads. We received numerous compliments regarding the creativity and the clarity of the work.

Deadlines were tough and changes happened frequently. Impel Creative was so prompt and flexible they were able to meet all our needs from start to finish. We cannot imagine having a better design firm to work with throughout the campaign process. Thank you so much for all you did!

James Costello
Judge of the Cleveland Municipal Court

Alicia Costello
Campaign Manager