Quoizel Lighting | Product Catalogs

Quoizel Lighting approached us for help with their fall product supplement catalog. They felt that recent releases had suffered due to smaller marketing budgets and less focused marketing vehicles that lacked impact. We met with the team at Quoizel, reviewed their concerns and needs. They stressed the imperative that this release must be a home run, especially in the COVID economy.

Our Impel team got right to work. Drawing on our past experience with the lighting industry, we developed a design plan that maximized the visual and punctuated it with tasteful design ques and important copy points that were easy to digest. We also added large feature images of products throughout which allowed the customer to really get a sense of the finish and glass design for each product family.

We then merchandised the product in a way that would appeal to both the showroom staff and homeowner, making the buying experience useful, inspiring, and easy to navigate. The result was a 68-page supplement that was on time, on budget, and very well received by the client and its customers.

Upon completion, Quoizel rewarded Impel with another project—this time much, much larger—their 600-page full-line catalog!

To start, we worked closely with Quoizel to develop a workflow that was time and cost-efficient for such a large volume of content. Next, we took the messaging and visuals from the supplement and pushed it further, adding content to enhance the shopping experience. The result was a catalog that was familiar, yet fresh in appearance. And despite its size, it is a valuable sales tool that is also easy to navigate and enjoyable to browse through.