“We’re Swamped!” Lego® Sculpture.

August 22, 2014

In conjunction with the Cleveland Botanical Garden’s Summer show, Nature Connects, the Garden asked the Impel team to enter the competition. Reluctantly, we did.

Then the obsession started… countless hours of “productive procrastination” were spent creating a meticulously detailed scene of a pond’s natural beauty featuring turtles, a duck, several slugs in a race, pond plants and an exquisite dragonfly.

“The dragonfly really made the whole thing come to life,” says Impel’s resident bug expert and creator of the dragonfly, Doug.

“Yeah, well my duck’s wings actually flapped,” noted our avian expert, Dana.

Art direction was provided by six-year-old Lego aficionado, Wyatt, who not only designed the slug but made the team completely redo the water.

We’re happy to share that we won Grand Prize in the Professional Division (we may or may not have been the only entry).