WHQ (World Headquarters).

April 22, 2014

Our “conference room.”

Stacie’s desk has never been this neat!

As a “virtual design firm” our team is literally located all over the place. It’s surprisingly seamless. Clients don’t even realize that one day they could be talking to a team member at one location, and the next day that person is in an entirely different office. When we all need to work under one roof, it’s at the home office, or as one of our clients dubbed it “Impel World Headquarters” or “WHQ.” With ample space for four designers and room to squeeze in one or two more if needed, WHQ is a great base camp for larger projects, brainstorming sessions or our weekly celebrity gossip review. We recently had some photos taken of this mysterious place and thought it would be fun to share.

Photography by Roger Mastroianni Photography.